Our skilled team have years of experience estimating quantities for projects large and small. Dedicated to ensuring the best value for money we can devise strategies to minimise waste while ensuring you don't run short. If you have plans available make sure you bring these along as they are valuable for estimating quantities, otherwise a rough sketch with measurements can also help.



We offer a sample service to ensure you are completely comfortable with your selection before you purchase.  
We charge a small deposit on samples which is refundable upon return or deducted from the total price of your order. 
We highly recommend taking a sample of the tile you are planning on laying before you purchase to ensure you are happy with the colour coordination and finish in the room where they will be laid. 
If you live in a remote location you can contact us to organise a sample pack to be delivered to you. 


If you need to cut your tiles but don't own a tile cutter, we have tile cutters available for daily hire.  Our tile cutters cut lengths of 300mm, 400mm and 600mm. If you need to cut lengths longer than this or have specialty requirements, speak to one of our friendly team members to see how else we can help you.




For large orders we recommend our delivery service to deliver pallet loads of tiles from our warehouse into your garage safely and securely. We operate our own trucks and do not use third party logistics services as your tiles are too important to trust with anyone else! If delivery is not required we welcome store pickups any day of the week during normal trading hours. Usually a large car or trailer is sufficient to pick up 25-30 square metres of tiles.